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Mexican Chicken Rolls RM8.90
A delectable fusion of chicken pepperoni, shredded chicken, mozzarella cheese, kidney beans, corn kernel, roasted green and red capsicum with cool lime dressing and sambal sauce wrapped in a light tortilla. Served with a cool lime dressing.
Garlic Bread RM3.00
Light, Buttery and over-fresh with sprinkles of sesame seeds.
Cheese Baked
Cheesy and meaty with chicken or beef and roasted with onions in a simmering Carbonara or Classic Tomato sauce, that's simply scrumptious.(8 meatballs per serving)
New Orleans Drumettes RM9.90
Specially roasted drumettes served with carrot and cucumber sticks along with Cool Lime Dip. (6pcs per serving)
Smoked Deli Wings
RM13.50(4pcs)   RM19.20(6pcs)
All-time favourite! Smoked chicken wings marinated in aromatic spices.
Crispy Hot Wings
RM7.90 (4pcs)   RM11.50 (6pcs)
Crispy fried chicken mid-wings and drumettes coated in tangy chili sauce.
Honey BBQ Wings
RM7.90 (4pcs)   RM11.50 (6pcs)
Crispy fried chicken mid-wings and drumettes coated in honey-infused barbeque sauce.
Favourites Platter RM24.90
Tasty Mexican Chicken Rolls, New Orleans drummets, Spicy Chicken Fingers and warm garlic bread served with special salsa, this mouth-watering combo comes with a crunchy side of cucumber and carrot sticks with cool lime dressing. It’s all your favourites on one big platter.
Tempura King Prawns RM8.20
Get cracking with king prawns fried in rich tempura batter that's simply crunchy and succulent, served with Cool Lime Dip.
Hut's Platter RM16.90
Criss Cut Fries, Tempura King Prawns and Chicken Bruschetta served with crunchy cucumber and carrot sticks, it’s everything you love on one plate. Served with Cool Lime Dip.
Spicy Chicken Fingers RM8.20
These tasty spicy chicken fingers come with cucumber and carrot sticks, served with cool lime dressing on the side.
Extra Large
Criss-cut Fries
Criss-Cut potato fries crisped to golden perfection.
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